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Coffee Date • 2 hours • $1,500

Lunch Date • 3 hours • $2,000

Dinner Date • 4 hours • $3,000

Dinner & A Show • 6 hours • $4,000

Overnight • 14 hours • $6,000

The Entire Day • 24 hours • $10,000

Two Days • 48 hours • $15,000

Three Days • 72 hours • $20,000


Longer durations and travel packages are available upon request.


Same day availability is very rare due to the nature of my busy schedule. Pre-screening and booking a week in advanced is highly recommended. 


In the case that you would like to extend our time during a date, a rate of $1,000 per additional hour will apply (subject to availability).


                   EXCLUSIVE ARRANGEMENTS:

                         One Week: $40,000

                         One Month: $100,000

                         One Year: $1,000,000



Fly me to you or let's get away together! I'm passionate about seeing the world and would love to accompany you on vacation or fly to your city. 

Domestic: 24 hours minimum

International: 48 hours minimum

50% non-refundable deposit and First/Business Class airfare are required to confirm all travel bookings. For privacy reasons, I must be able to book my own flights.

*Longer engagements are always prioritized — I prefer 4hrs+ encounters.


For my safety, it is required for all new suitors to complete a screening process. I will only meet with gentlemen who are willing to provide the necessary information. For this reason, I only respond to properly filled out booking form inquiries or emails containing complete screening information.


Option 1 - Scan/Photo of Valid Government Issued Photo ID + Photo holding ID up next to your face

Option 2 - Work Verification. LinkedIn Profile (must contain a photo) or Website Link (must contain your name and photo)

Option 3 - Two recent independent provider references 

*Please be sure to include these along with a brief introduction of yourself in your initial message. 

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